Omnispace has conducted this project twice. Open P.O. #1 raises the issue of how the method of pricing works is still a common problem faced by artists. Open P.O. #2 tries to experiment by being directly involved in the mainstream art market by getting involved in the Art Fair event. On Open P.O. # 3 we will try a new marketing strategy by prioritizing the value of the relationship between the artwork and the collector’s needs for the work he will collect. In other words we are trying to find possible functional values of the artwork.

     Participating artists are given the freedom to make works by taking into account the needs of the collector without reducing the value of freedom and the tendency to work which is the ideolect of the artists involved. In this project, the collector is given a portion to present a personal narrative about home and daily life as a trigger, which will then be managed as part of the artist’s creation method. From this process, it is hoped that there will be a link between the value of the work initiated by artists and the collector.



The project work process is carried out through several stages.

First stage

Participating artists create ideas about the work to be made by attaching a work design and a portfolio of similar works that have been made.

Second Stage

Then the design will be published in the form of an e-catalog and website that can be accessed by prospective collectors.

Third Stage

If there is a prospective collector who is interested in the concept and design of the work, negotiations and transactions will be carried out in relation to what work will be made. At this stage the artist will respond to the narrative from the prospective collector.